US Lancer bombers in the Arctic send a clear message to Russia

Recently, the B-1B Lancer strategic bombers have flown at least twice over the Arctic in a clear chilling message. The last visit was on March 8th when a B-1B Lancer from the 7th Bombing Wing in Dyess, Texas was conducting a tactical bombing mission in Norway and Sweden.

This mission contained several special features, as firstly this so-called Agile Condor mission is the first time that US bombers have landed on the Arctic Circle. In addition, together with the B-1B, members of US special forces were deployed, who worked with the Norwegian and Swedish armed forces, to conduct training in the control of terminal attacks (Joint Terminal Attack Control or J-TAC). In addition, at the Norwegian Air Force base in Bodo, the bomber carried out a quick refueling on the ground (warm pit refueling), during which the B-1B crew did not leave the aircraft in order to be able to take off and continue with the mission. Eventually the bomber was integrated into four Swedish JA-39 Gripen fighter jets.

According to the USAF, this exercise is part of allied forces such as the United States, Norway and Sweden working together to respond to global threats. They also demonstrate the United States’ commitment to the collective defense of NATO and are tangible evidence of America’s deterrent capacity.

Cooperation with the Swedish Air Force

Shortly before this exercise, the Swedish Air Force reported that it had conducted a joint exercise with the US B-1B bombers after they had been invited to a joint exercise. For example, the Swedish B-1B Lancers and JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets carried out a joint exercise on February 22nd to improve the interoperability of the Swedish Air Force and ultimately to strengthen and promote stability and security in the region. The planes flew in the airspace of the central region of Sweden in order to neutralize the air targets, according to the Swedish Air Force. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The B-1B in the Norwegian Arctic (USAF)

The Lancer is hastily refueled in the Arctic (USAF)

American Lancer bombers and Swedish JAS-39 Gripen fighters (Swedish Air Force)

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