Uruguayan naval aviation manages to integrate more BeechcraftT-34C1

Uruguayan Naval Aviation has resumed its efforts to expand its fleet of turbo aviation mentors. The problem was already addressed in 2018 when, after contacts between the Uruguayan Air Force and its Ecuadorian counterpart, a specific interest was identified in three copies in flight order and various spare parts.

In addition to assessing the resumption of these talks and the investigation of the aircraft after the arrival of Admiral Craig Faller, Chief of the US Southern Command, in Uruguay, an offer from two former units of the US Navy and two others for cannibalization is being offered at apparently very low prices also be considered convenient, including some components.

Naval Aviation currently has two T-34C1s, three Cessna O2s and two Beechcraft B 200s among its fixed-wing aircraft acquired in 1981, for whose model the weapon required an additional copy, and made this known to the visiting hierarchy as the impossibility of the Navy to have significant resources in order to optimize the three Protector boats that the United States offered to Uruguay a few months ago on the condition that they underwent major maintenance in North America ground. (Javier Bonilla)

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