Until the 23rd, LATAM is fighting with airline tickets on sale

LATAM Airlines Brasil continues to offer a range of deals for those looking to plan their next trip. The attractive tariffs this time include flights to several Brazilian destinations in premium economy class, which offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of the best advantages of a superior class, e.g. B. Priority check-in, getting on and off, blocked middle seat and others.

In addition, the LATAM Pass offers special offers to commemorate the anniversary of the loyalty program and offers international redemption of 55,000 round-trip points (plus fees) that are must-see.

Refer to the terms and conditions of the tickets at the time of purchase to properly understand rescheduling rights, baggage and other information.

Premium Economy Offers: From today (16) until October 30, customers can purchase discounted tickets in Premium Economy class for travel to domestic destinations in Brazil. The prices are only 100.00 R $ higher than the tickets in an economy cabin. This allows customers a lot more convenience and privacy. The prices are valid for flights between November 20, 2020 and January 30, 2021.

Check out the deals below:

Latam Pass has a redemption offer

The anniversary campaigns for the LATAM Pass will continue this month. From today (16) to 23.10. There are exclusive offers for redeeming international tickets in the economy cabin from 55,000 points ** (round trip plus fees). , for flights planned for the low season, and 78,400 points ** (return flight plus taxes) for flights that take place in the high season between 01.11.2020 and 31.03.2021.

The offer is valid for the Gold and Gold Plus categories of the LATAM Pass. Platinum, Black and Black Signature customers receive an additional 10% discount compared to prices for other categories.

Check out the main offers below and visit the LATAM website for information.

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