Two dead when a Bolivian Air Force K-8W Karakoram crashes into a house

One of the K-8W Karakoram training and light attack aircraft of the Bolivian Air Force crashed into a house while flying over the city of Cochabamba. According to initial reports, the crew successfully disembarked, but the plane fell on a house in the populated area of ​​Sacaba. The reports show at least two deaths, as well as the demolition of this home and damage to another.

The Bolivian Air Force acquired six K-8W Karakoram training jets in 2010 at a cost of $ 57.8 million and arrived in the country in June 2011. The above machines, along with a simulator, support and spare parts, were assigned to Grupo Areo 34 Tcnl Rafael Pabn, a unit based in Cochabamba. (License Marcela V. Carol)

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