To make purchases from Brazilians, Alibaba will offer three weekly flights on Boeing 747s

The Cainiao Smart Logistics Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group Holding Limited, announced yesterday (15) that it has partnered with Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings to launch a charter program to improve Alibaba’s extensive logistics network as the cross-border trade between China and Latin America continues to increase.

3 flights a week

Cainiao’s order volume to South America reached more than eight million parcels in the third quarter of 2020, twice as many as in the second quarter of this year. From November, Atlas Air will be operating three weekly charter flights to Cainiao, connecting China with Brazil and Chile and reducing the total boarding time from one week to an average of three days.

“At Cainiao, we continue to invest in our network to support Alibaba merchants who operate more than 100,000 online stores,” said William Xiong, chief strategist and general manager for export logistics at Cainiao. “Our partnership with Atlas Air will help us build an efficient and reliable network for South America and other destinations around the world and significantly reduce delivery times for the dealers we serve.”

As previously announced by Cainiao, the company is committed to facilitating international trade, improving the overall efficiency of the supply chain and introducing direct routes to key regions in the world. Cainiao is expected to operate around 1,300 charter flights by the end of 2020.

Flight dates, operating days and flight plans have not yet been published by the company. Nor is fate. Atlas currently has Boeing 747-400 and 747-8F flights to Campinas and Manaus.

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