These are the agreements made between Airbus and the Spanish government to reactivate the sector until the contract is signed

On February 4th, a new meeting took place between the President of the Spanish Government Pedro Sánchez and Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury, without realizing some of the proposals announced in the first meeting on July 30th last year. The signing of the procurement commitments that will ensure the workload of Airbus’ Spanish factories and their suppliers is expected this year.

The aim of the meeting was to review the priorities of the industry, in particular the commitments announced in the joint communiqué of July 30, 2020. In this context, Airbus will support and facilitate government initiatives aimed at supporting the future aerospace and defense industry in Spain in the medium and long term, which will help to mitigate the loss of jobs in the industry as a result of the crisis. We would also like to thank the Spanish Government for their support for an agreement that was negotiated between the European Union and the United States in the case of the World Trade Organization. Airbus also appreciates the government’s support for airlines, which is essential to the sustainability of the entire aviation industry ecosystem.

Airbus’ position in relation to the measures announced by the Spanish government in the form of a shock plan for the Spanish aviation sector is based on the programs and initiatives already underway:

Airbus’ proposals for the national recovery plan, which are supported by EU funds, have been reviewed and are based on sustainability initiatives (including sustainable aviation fuels and hydrogen), digitization, unmanned systems, the space sector and the circular economy. The main initiative is the Aeronautical Technological Plan (ATP), a four-year joint investment plan by the Spanish government and industry to develop advanced industry capacities to support future aeronautical designs, developments and programs, with a particular focus on the technologies required for future sustainable aviation. The first ATP (1993-2003) was instrumental in developing the world leadership of the Spanish composite industry. Aerofondo: A public-private fund run by SEPI for the government and Airbus on behalf of the industry, providing an initial € 100 million to support and strengthen the supply chain (for suppliers below Tier2) in the EU facing the current economic crisis . Signing of a special guarantee contract for the development, support and maintenance of defense technologies and Spanish industrial plants. Airbus continues to champion the increasingly relevant position of Spain in the space sector with the government, coupled with the growing commitment of Spain to the budgets of the European Space Agency to support key space technology and capabilities through Airbus. The close collaboration on the maturity and introduction of the outstanding contracts contained in the July 30, 2020 release will continue but will require more time and preparation.

(Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The President of the Government met with the Airbus CEO along with the Defense Minister, the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Minister for Science and Innovation (Moncloa).

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