The Zendal group is defrauded by 9 million euros for the phishing technique

The pharmaceutical company Zendal, based in O Porrio, was the victim of a millionaire scam using phishing technology. A person in charge of this company transferred more than nine million euros to a bank account, believing he was doing so on the orders of his boss, even though he was in fact a hacker posing as his identity. The pharmaceutical company filed a complaint with the Civil Guard after uncovering the deception. The agents investigate the facts. They are trying to follow the money trail to find the perpetrators of this great scam, possibly the highest economic amount crime recorded in Galicia to date.

The events happened last week. The company’s chief financial officer received an email in which the company’s head told him that he was going to make contacts with a large multinational from an Asian country and that he would need to have funds of his own to transfer them .

The matter allegedly related to the manufacture of a vaccine against Covid-19. At the same time, the caller, posing as the head of the company, asked him to act with complete discretion. The manager acted blindly because the email came from a company address. At no point did he suspect he was being deceived and prepared to obey orders given to him to enter money from the alleged Asian multinational with which the Zendal pharmaceutical company was trying to do business.

Source: The Voice of Galicia

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