The Walther PPQ M2, another candidate pistol for equipping the Spanish Civil Guard Noticias

We recently analyzed the Civil Guard’s new tender for the purchase of 6,000 semi-automatic pistols over the next three years. We named the new HK and Beretta models as the most likely competitors and highlighted the new features introduced in the tender compared to previous procedures. But we leave another possible candidate in the pipeline, the PPQ 4 ?? in caliber 9 mm. Parabellum from Carl Walther, a weapon of modern design that meets the requirements of security forces and bodies such as the Benemérita. In fact, the PPQ family is the result of the technical specifications required by the German police to acquire a weapon of this category.

With an overall length of 18 cm, a 4 inch (10.2 cm) polygonal barrel is 3.4 cm wide and 13.5 cm high. and a weight of 695 grams, which would meet all requirements for weights and dimensions. It has a magazine for 15 rounds, a reinforced polymer frame, standardized Picatinny rails under the frame, ambidextrous controls and even three interchangeable spikes so that the handle adapts to hands of different sizes.

It was developed under the introduced needle fire system and has a short-stroke (10mm) trigger without being highly valued by police and military users, as is the case with the oversized trigger guard, which makes it easier to use the weapon with gloves on. (José Mª Navarro García)

Photo: The PPQ M2 PS pistol (Walther)

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