The Uruguayan Air Force has not commissioned a screen repair for their new Hercules-Noticias

What other releases announced as new acquisitions by Chilean ENAER in January of last year, namely a comprehensive repair service with three screens for more than 85,000 US dollars, have no relation whatsoever to the two Hercules KC-130H of the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) from the holdings of the Spanish Air Force included with issues this year.

In fact, it is about the vote that was carried out in 2019 on the equipment of one of the old Hercules C-130B, the FAU 592, which was actually carried out in the Chilean company, work that entered the accounting system at the beginning of the current financial year . Apart from their purchase and what surrounds them, the new Hercules practically do not yet exist roughly within the framework of the FAU purchasing program, as the original range has been expanded to include a large number of spare parts and the remaining flight hours are still available. (Javier Bonilla)

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