The story of the Boeing 777 on Delta has already come to an end

Delta Airlines confirmed the date of the company’s last flight on a Boeing 777 on Friday (9). October 31st is the day the model ends for the North American company that begins prioritizing more modern and economical aircraft in its fleet. In its history, Delta had 18 777-200 model airplanes.

Special flights

The US company has planned two special flights to celebrate the farewell to the twin-engine open plan and to allow the fans to say goodbye.

The penultimate flight DL8787 departs from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, home of Delta, and flies to Los Angeles International Airport on October 30th. The last, DL8807, will depart the next morning from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, which also goes to California.

The company announced in May of this year that it would cease all Delta 777 Boeing operations by the end of 2020. The sharp decline in global passenger demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic motivated such a plan.

The first Delta-operated B777-200 flew in 1999 and the aircraft soon became one of the company’s main aircraft for international flights. In 2008 the company bought 10 copies of the 777-200LR variant with a greater flight range and suitable for longer distances. However, the company has never invested in the more modern and larger B777-300 or B777X variants.

According to the North American magazine Airways Magazine, Delta has adopted the Airbus A350-900 as a replacement model for long-haul flights. The French manufacturer’s model is more economical as it uses 21% less fuel per seat than the current Boeing aircraft. Delta currently has 15 A350s in its fleet and another 10 on order from Airbus.

The B777 is the third model that Delta has taken out of service in the past few months. After 12 years of operation, the company no longer works with the Boeing 737-700 or the MD88. Other models such as the older Boeing 767 and Boeing 717 will be withdrawn from service in the future.

Delta A350 Disclosure

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