The spectacular painting by a Belgian Leonardo A109-Noticias

From the Belgian Air Force Base Beauvechain we get the pictures of one of the Agusta (now Leonardo) A109 helicopters of the Belgian Air Force, recently painted with an attractive scheme that includes the head of a wolf and is used for exhibitions. Aerobics for grand piano # 1 based in Beauvechain. On January 28th, it officially presented the Belgian Air Component or Belgian Light Power to the Belgian Armed Forces.

The H46 is decorated with one of the restored asymmetrical schemes in shades of gray or razzle blade, as well as a large wolf head on both rear parts of its torso. The Belgian Luchtmacht wants to narrow the gap between the country’s youth, who are increasingly dissatisfied if they are not Islamized, by promoting the National Defense exhibition areas, which, if COVID-19 allows, will take place between April and October. The crew and the other members of the aerobatic team act as ambassadors for the Belgian power of light at air shows at home and abroad, which are also intended to promote recruitment in the Belgian armed forces.

If the pandemic does not worsen, the exhibition can be seen at the Belgian Air Force Days, which will be held in Florennes on June 26-27, 2021, at the Sanicole International Airshow in Hechtel from September 10-12, and at various activities. as part of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Belgian light power.

In September 2010 the A109 of the so-called helicopter wing moved from Bierset Air Base to the current Beauvechain Base. It was later renamed Wing No. 1, which consists of 15 squadrons (Operational Training and Conversion Unit), 17 and 18 squadrons. The 17th Squadron continues to operate the A109BA, while the 18th Squadron operates the NH90 in its TTH (Tactical Troop Transport) version.

In total, the Belgian Air Force was equipped with 46 of these Leonardo helicopters, 18 of which are still active. H20, H21, H23, H24, H26, H27, H28, H29, H30, H31, H33, H35, H38, H39, H42, H44, H45 and H46. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: Rear view of the Leonardo A109 with its new special paint for flight displays. (Photo Belgian Luchtmacht)

Another view of the Leonardo A109 with its new paint job, a life-size model of the F-35 with Belgian insignia. (Photo Belgian Luchtmacht)

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