The Spanish troops in the area will receive new radios in this year’s news

Israeli multinational Elbit Systems is providing new data from a Spanish Army tender aimed at providing battalion level new radios of the type defined by Software Defined Radios (SDR) of the E-LynX family.

The award, in which the company does not indicate the number of systems or models, but indicates that the amount of the contract is not material, refers to the award last October to those of Telefnica and Aicox, worth 6.5 million Euro including taxes, which relates to a contract of the General Directorate of Defense and Material Procurement of the General Directorate of Defense and Material (DGAM) for the acquisition of radio equipment for the region of operations. Acting as the technologist for Telefnica and Aicox, Elbit Systems is transferring the technology of its radio systems to the Spanish companies, although the first deliveries, as we shall see, will come from stocks of the Israeli company. Spanish companies will also implement the specifications related to encryption and security depending on the Spanish authorities responsible in this area such as the National Cryptological Center.

Four companies were entered for this award, with the UTE proposal selected because it offered the best value for money (the price was 80% of the weight, indicating the equality of characteristics between the proposed systems). . The main requirement was that the successful bidder must be able to deliver all radios before the end of the year. Hence, the availability of inventory was critical. In particular, 550 radio devices are purchased, including their accessories and the installation equipment, management applications and configuration required for their commissioning.

According to Elbit Systems, DGAM carried out evaluations that took into account technical aspects and field tests and considered the ability of the E-LynX radio to implement new waveforms in the future to ensure compliance with standards. Security and freedom from interference. It is also required to include portable foot soldier terminals and vehicle systems, most likely the PNR-1000 (Personal Network Radio) and MCTR-720 terminals.

The E-LynX family of wireless operators was recently selected by Switzerland, Sweden or Israel as part of an in-service radio modernization program that is adapting to new SDR technologies that enable enhanced functionality. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Vehicle radios (Elbit Systems) are also supplied

The portable PNR-1000 (Elbit Systems)

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