The Spanish army will shortly be installing a new semi-automatic precision rifle

The Spanish Army (ET) has included the need for a new precision rifle to complement the bolt action rifles now in use in its short-term procurement forecast for light weapon systems. The idea to work with until a model that best suits the needs is selected is to opt for a 7.62x51mm caliber rifle, endowed with a number of ergonomic and design details that lead to an optimal shooting accuracy of about 1 MOA (Minute Of Angle) or a little higher.

Through the concept of the weapon, and taking into account what is now on the market, it is a solution capable of hitting targets the size of a human winch about half a mile from your own position which makes them particularly suitable as a complement within the teams of precision marksmen who are already established in different types of units.

In the medium term and once the requested batches have been received, the creation of the figure of the specialist in his use – the one known as the selected rifleman – could be advocated within the infantry squads, which with its fire actions contributes to an already clear need that responds well to conventional and hybrid engagements and is especially useful in urban environments. The characteristics of the weapon, which are equipped with removable magazines, which usually have a capacity of 20 cartridges and allow successive and powerful fire actions, are optimal to complement what the precision marksmen, also known as snipers, offer.

A few years ago, the Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC) evaluated the concept of modifying CETME C-type weapons with telescopic sights and Bpods, like other countries, in order to obtain an efficient and economical model. Now there are more fashionable proposals like the widely used HK417 from Germany’s Heckler & Koch – the same company that supplies the G36E assault rifles standardized in the ET – that the Marines already feature, and this might be the choice. However, you can opt for a different solution from a different manufacturer. In any case, it is clear that for this type of semi-automatic rifle with 7.62 x 51 mm a compact rifle scope is optimal, which follows the concepts of 1-6 x 24 mm or similar. It should also be accompanied by a muffler to make the recordings more discreet.

It is an ideal model for the character known as the chosen marksman who delivers precise fire for the benefit of the team or team he supports. The 7,62 x 51 cartridge is known in the ET with weapons such as MG42 Medium Machine Guns or Accuracy AW precision rifles. The purchased model can be used to replace the modified G36E, which is commonly used in the 5.56 x 45 mm caliber. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The Army will soon be installing a 7.62 x 51 mm semi-automatic precision rifle, with the HK417, which has already been used by the Marines, being one of the cheapest options. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

CETME C was converted economically and efficiently for semi-automatic, precise and powerful fire actions. This option could have been selected and would be quickly obtained. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

The United States, like other countries around us, has already used Knights Armament’s M110 semi-automatic weapons (7.62 x 51 mm) for select shooters. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

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