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The Land Army (ET) has defined and embarked on a plan to renew some aspects of the ground armament of various units and incorporate weapon systems that were previously lacking. It is very noticeable because in armies of our environment its use in conventional units is not widespread, the intention to add a shotgun to the arsenal in the short term, and above all the fact that, according to their statements, a model would be chosen. semi-automatic.

The effectiveness of this type of long gun, which fires .12 caliber ammunition, is not at all questioned in the military field. In addition, many armies use the pump-action shotguns as a particularly suitable and complementary element in operations in urban areas, to destroy a castle and facilitate access or to neutralize several opponents in a confined space.

What the ET will be looking for, and what it has certainly already defined in a possible technical recipe (PPT) specifying aspects such as weight, length, versatility, or type of mechanisms, is a modern day shotgun that offers firepower and versatility. The recipients of this could be certain units, such as special operations, mountain or even military police, to which they make a very specific contribution and are more in line with their tasks. It could also be distributed as a complementary element for surveillance, security, protection or combat tasks throughout the Terrestrial Force.

In terms of choices, we don’t yet know which specific option they will go for. S we know that there aren’t many options and fewer that adapt well to the military environment where environmental and usage conditions are often unfavorable, which makes it advisable. It will be a model with a not particularly long barrel to favor dynamic movements, with a pistol grip to better grip it, with an upper rail containing a compact toe element and, if possible, chambered with the 12/76 Magnum, to take advantage of the various capacities obtained with special cartridges used in openings or for shooting tear gas.

A complementary use could be in anti-drumming duties, as a good close-range shot from posts can kill objects in flight that are less than fifty meters from the correct position. The use of snail ammunition to improve range is not excluded. Given what would be available now, there are good options from Italy with very good resolution models from Benelli and Beretta, as well as from Belgium.

We could learn more about it soon. Once the purchase offer has been defined and the various options tested, we will provide you with further details on the future semi-automatic shotgun from the Spanish ET. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: EZAPAC has had pump-action shotguns in its arsenal for many years, as they are weapons that have good properties for certain tasks. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Portugal also uses shotguns and has recently added to its arsenal to upgrade military capabilities. (Octavio Dez Cmara).

One of the best semi-automatic shotgun options is the Italian Benelli M4, which is used here by a US Marine Corps soldier. (Cpl Gardner, USMC)

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