The Skua barges of the Chilean Navy in Antarctica (with gallery)

For operations in the Chilean Antarctica, the simple but very capable ?? Skua ?? You play an important role. Due to their shallow draft, they can operate in areas without docks, from ships to the coast, and transport personnel, containers and bulk goods, which allows them to arrive in various ways in various difficult-to-access areas under complex navigational conditions.

They consist of two bodies connected by a system of adaptable supports with a length of 9.5 meters and a beam of 6 meters. They have a lifting capacity of 20 tons and, thanks to a speed of 6 knots (12 kilometers per hour), they can reach two independent outboard motors with 250 HP, which allow to reach the coast via two ramps operated by a pulley system.

Indispensable in the Antarctic campaigns, currently AP 41 ?? Achilles ?? and LSDH 91 ?? Sargento Aldea ?? have since been developed by ASMAR Magallanes on the basis of the experiences and requirements identified in various Antarctic campaigns, with the design being based on different components, resulting in a device that adapts to the difficult requirements of navigation conditions and non-existence of port infrastructure. The name comes from a bird that lives in the coastal areas of the Chilean Antarctic region.

The versatility of operation, ease of transport and simple maintenance are part of the arguments that have consolidated the operation of this type of ship under the difficult meteorological conditions of the Antarctic territory and enable it to be used safely and quickly during supply maneuvers. which will be developed during the campaign.

In this way the ?? Skua ?? They are a fundamental element in the role of logistical support for the institution, which includes both national and foreign bases, and forms part of the efforts undertaken for the benefit of national development and the presence of the state, security and maritime interests, and international cooperation be in the Antarctic area.

The next cargo and passenger transfer dock to be built in Fildes Bay in Antarctica contains exactly the power to operate the Skua barges. the Navy, improving their skills and their role in the logistics system on the white continent.

Source and photos: Third Sea Zone (Armada de Chile)

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