The Secretary of Defense’s family have moored their ship at the Ferrol Navy facilities since being appointed to

The ship belonging to Esperanza Casteleiro’s family, Secretary of State for Defense, was docked in one of the docks at La Graa Naval Station for at least seven months shortly after she was appointed to the post, as reported by El Espaol in a detailed report that ensures that there are three different sources. In La Graa, opposite the Ferrol arsenal (Corua), there is a training center for the Spanish Navy. In the facilities there are tunnels that serve as bunkers to protect various types of weapons. Casteleiro has relatives who live in the neighboring town of Mugardos, where his father Antonio Casteleiro Naveiras was born, who became a Colonel in the Air Force. Before it was brought to the naval base, the ship was eight to ten meters long, in one of the docks of this municipality in front of the naval facilities on the south bank of the Ferrol ra.

The Secretary of State’s family’s pleasure boat docked at one of the Navy’s docks early last summer and one of his relatives has been doing maintenance there since then. Journalistic what makes sure it arrives The military complex does not appear in any register of and is surrounded by docks where tactical and sailing ships rest, belonging to the technical college of the naval station and which are used by the naval contingent for the various duties that a soldier in would enjoy the privilege of vacant berth in military territory for a pleasure boat owned or listed on one of his relatives’ relatives, in the reserve, or in any case in that retirement.

The Foreign Minister has admitted to El Espaol that the boat belongs to one of her relatives, particularly her brother-in-law, ex-soldier and her sister’s husband, and apologizes for looking for a docking port during the pandemic: pending proceedings, it will be processed . When asked whether it makes sense for her brother to enjoy such a privilege, Casteleiro eluded the answer: I have nothing to do with it. The Secretary of State normally spends the summer with her family in the house she still owns in the El Seijo area, near where her family’s ship is now docked on the military compound and where it is previously rested, continues El Espaol. Casteleiro from the CNI (National Intelligence Center) was appointed foreign minister at the end of June, until then she was the cabinet director of Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

In 1983 he joined CESID (Superior Center for Defense Information), the former National Intelligence Center (CNI), before it was rebuilt. Until 2018 he held various positions in central units and abroad. In 2004 she was promoted to national secretary and held that position until 2008. Since then she has been sent to new destinations in secret services abroad. In 2014 and until his arrival at the Ministry of Defense through Margarita Robles, he was the head of the CNI Intelligence Department in the newly created Intelligence Center Against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO), a joint reception center for integration and analysis whose aim is to collect strategic information related to terrorism manage organized crime and other radical organizations of a violent nature.

Photo: Esperanza Casteleiro, Secretary of State for Defense.

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