The previous fleet admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave appointed AJEMA

The Council of Ministers approved the appointment of Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave as the new Chief of Staff of the Navy (AJEMA) on Tuesday, on a proposal from the Defense Minister. The new AJEMA was previously the admiral of the fleet and replaces the current Chief of Staff of Defense (JEMAD), Teodoro Lpez Caldern. The new Navy Chief of Staff is expected to take office next Thursday at Navy headquarters, chaired by Secretary of Defense Margarita Robles. Born in Bilbao on August 22, 1960, he entered the Marn Military Naval School in 1979 and received the post in 1984.

In May 2020 he was promoted to admiral and appointed admiral of the fleet. During his career he was busy with frigates, minesweeping corvettes and mine hunters and occupied the objectives of two commanders, the chief of operations and the head of the combat system, among others. As a command target, he was in command of the minesweeper Mio and first in command of the Turia mine hunter; Commander of the 1st MCM Squad, Commander of the Standing Group on Countermine Measures No. 2 of the Atlantic Alliance and Commander of the amphibious assault ship Castilla. In the naval staff he was the commander of the 2nd Minesweeper Squadron and the commander of the 21st Bodyguard Squadron.

Among his targets on land, he was a professor in the Organization Department of the High School of the Armed Forces, head of the torpedo workshop of the Cartagena Arsenal, was assigned three times to the General Staff of the Navy and was Head of the European Union Area of ​​the General Directorate of Defense Policy of the Ministry of Defense. Abroad, he has been stationed in the training department at the joint NATO headquarters in Naples for three years.

He is a diplomat of the General Staff, a specialist in submarine weapons, and has conducted the Advanced Tactics Officer and Communications Aptitude courses, among others. Abroad, he completed the high-level PCSD (Common Security and Defense Policy) course of the European School of Security and Defense and the NATO course for high-level police officers, among others. He has the Grand Cross of Naval Merit and the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo, as well as twelve other national and foreign military awards.

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