The Portuguese Air Force: Real Thaw launched in 2021

The Portuguese Air Force is conducting the multidisciplinary exercise Real Thaw 2021 (RT21) from Air Force Base No. 11 in Beja between March 15 and 26, via the air command. The Portuguese Air Force has a wide range of popular support missions and a wide variety of international commitments to NATO and the United Nations for which it must be ready to respond with security and high standards of execution. To this end, these maneuvers are carried out, in which various training scenarios have been created: defense of the airspace, protection of helicopters and ground transport vehicles in humanitarian operations, close air support for ground forces and special operations, cargo dropping and paratroopers, extraction of elements with or without air threat, search and Rescue in combat zones and conventional attacks with guided weapons on fixed and mobile targets. (Video: Portuguese Forums)

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