The Peruvian Army and Russian helicopters will expand the capabilities of the Army Aeronautical Maintenance Center (CEMAE)

Army Commander General General Manuel Gmez de la Torre and the representative of Russian helicopters in Peru, Pavel Myshinskii, signed a framework cooperation agreement to combine their efforts in training technical staff, supplying spare parts and spare parts. , Documentation and technical publications, major repairs, certifications and capacity expansion of the repair lines of the CEMAE (Army Aeronautical Maintenance Center) at La Joya Base in Arequipa in relation to the helicopters of the Mi family. It will apply in the period 2020-25 and is an addition to the specific agreement No. 1 on the establishment of a large maintenance and repair center for helicopters, which is part of the Social and Industrial Compensation Program (Offset), which consists of the purchase of 24 helicopters In 2014, the transport and combat Mi-171SH-P was generated in the amount of 528 million dollars in December 2013.

In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, which does not imply any financial obligation, the Army will provide Russian helicopters with the equipment and resources to achieve the necessary certifications and qualifications and undertake to meet the supply needs of spare parts, parts and components determine and accessories necessary for the maintenance and repair of helicopters, arrange for the appointment of personnel who receive the appropriate training and participate in all related activities, as well as quality control in accordance with specific documents, and finally, gradually seek certification of the technical skills that it lacks to carry out maintenance and intermediate and major repairs not only of helicopters but also of aviation components and accessories, main and auxiliary engines, reducers, generators, cyclic plates, etc. Main and tail rotor hub and servo drives between others.

For their part, Russian helicopters formulate a list of spare parts, parts, components and accessories necessary for major repairs of helicopters for civil and military purposes, in order to be timely acquired on the domestic or foreign market in accordance with the State Treaty. Provide and fund, among other things, the advice, manuals and technical publications, specialized tools and training necessary to enable CEMAE-La Joya to achieve the skills and certifications set out in certain documents that it does not have.

The CEMAE occupies an area of ​​500,000 m2. and it houses, among other things, two hangars and a flight test station as well as a control tower, maintenance workshops, a maneuvering yard, a performance test platform, a runway and two helipads. Commissioning, delayed by administrative problems and the COVID-19 pandemic, is planned for mid-2021 and should be able to meet the requirements of the Mi-171Sh fleet initially with manufacturer certification. -P in the hull repair lines, main assemblies and Avinica (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent of Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photos: A moment of the signing of the agreement between Russian helicopters and the Peruvian army.

The CEMAE in La Joya.

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