The Peruvian Air Force officially adopts the two former Spanish Air Forces KC-130H Hercules (with photo gallery)

The Peruvian Air Force has officially accepted the two KC-130H Hercules transport aircraft acquired by the Spanish Air Force. Shortly after arriving at General Armando Revoredo’s Iglesias base next to Jorge Chvez International Airport, both aircraft, which have a gray color scheme with low visibility, were given the Air Force rosettes and identification papers.

The founding ceremony was attended by the Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti Hochhausler, the Minister of Defense Nuria Esparch Fernndez, the head of the joint command, the general of the army, Cesar Astudillo Salcedo, and the general commander of the air force, the general of the air, Rodolfo, Pereyra Cuneo and the chargé d’affaires of the Spanish Embassy in Peru, Gonzalo Quinteros Saravia.

In his briefing speech, General Pereyra Cuneo stated that with the KC-130H Hercules we will increase the number of flights for the transfer of vaccines and health workers throughout the national territory in the shortest possible time in order to facilitate the vaccination process against the Covid- 19 and add that with these ships we will strengthen the logistical capacity of the state in the use of articulated measures that contribute to the improvement of the well-being of our people and that reach the remotest places in the country through aero-medical evacuations, the transfer of personnel and material for the next Elective process the support flights to the scientific expeditions to Antarctica and, given the current situation, to carry out air operations that allow the transfer of medical supplies and beds in the intensive care unit, as well as large oxygen systems, in order to decisively decide on the crisis that is going through the Covid-19 pandemic was triggered in our area.

The acquisition of the KC-130H Hercules took place as part of the acquisition program of two multi-purpose aircraft to optimize the Medium Strategic Air Transport Service. The sale of both aircraft, manufactured in 1981 and marked with registration numbers TK10-11 and TK10-12 and part of the Air Force operating under the command of the 31st Wing at Zaragoza Air Base, was approved by the Council of Spanish Ministers on December 1st. After completing the administrative procedures in Peru, which included the issuing of Ministerial Resolution No. 031-2021-DE (which approved an increase in the Air Force institutional budget by approximately $ 35 million) and Supreme Decree No. 001-2021-DE, that the treaty of national interest was declared in the form of government to government.

The KC-130H, which is responsible for the air force crews, took off from Zaragoza Air Base (Spain) at noon on February 11th, initially, as previously reported, to Gran Canaria (GCLP) and Amlcar Cabral (GVAC) airports. to fly) in Cape Verde, where they stayed and refueled. From there they flew to Cayena-Rochambeau Airport (SOCA) in Guyana and then to Ernesto Cortissoz (SKBQ) in Barranquilla (Colombia). Finally they landed on the 15th after their death for operational reasons – from El Dorado (SKBO) in Bogota – at 1:30 p.m. in Jorge Chvez (SPJC) in Lima.

By adding the KC-130H, which is assigned to Areo Group No. 8 and which will start operating immediately, the Air Force will not only be able to increase the transport and evacuation capacities of passengers necessary to deal with the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic . -19, but will be able to return after nearly two decades to conduct aerial refueling operations with its Cessna A-37B, Mirage 2000 and MiG-29SMP. (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photo: The KC-130H Hercules, registration TK10-11, landing at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima.

The KC-130H Hercules, registration TK10-11.

The KC-130H Hercules, registration TK10-11 and TK10-12, on the airline of the Grupo Aereo N 8.

The KC-130H Hercules, registration TK10-11, is already wearing the cockade and identification badge of the Peruvian Air Force.

Right from the left. Chargé d’affaires of the Spanish Embassy in Peru: Gonzalo Quinteros Saravia, Defense Minister Nuria Esparch Fernandez and the President of the Republic: Francisco Sagasti Hochhausler.

Official photo after installing the KC-130H Hercules.

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