The Peruvian Air Force Enstrom F-280FX Shark helicopters arrive – Noticias

As we were able to confirm, the two F-280FX Shark Instruction helicopters acquired by the Air Force from Enstrom Helicopter Corporation (Michigan, USA) arrived in Peru at the end of January in mid-2019 with an estimated order value of 1.8 million euros. Dollars and includes training and logistical support. Both ships with the registration numbers FAP 671 (c / n 21668) and FAP 672 (c / n 2169) reached the port of Callao on board the container ship Polar Colombia (Singapore). After completion of the respective customs procedures, they were handed over to Grupo Areo No. 3, where they will be assembled by the manufacturer’s specialists over the next few days and then subjected to the corresponding test and acceptance flights.

The helicopters will be part of Grupo Areo N 51 at Captain Renn Elas Olivera Air Base in Pisco. There are also two more before the end of the year, which were acquired in July 2020 through the Armed Forces Purchasing Agency (ACFFAA) for $ 2.3 million. The Air Force plans to acquire a total of eight Enstrom F-280FX to replace their experienced Swiss (Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin) S-300C fleet in basic and advanced training missions for future helicopter pilots. Two more are expected to be acquired this year and the rest in 2022.

The Enstrom F-280FX Shark is an extremely versatile, light helicopter with a capacity of 3 crew members and a length of 8.75 m and a height of 2.74 m. And a rotor diameter of 9.75 m. The curb weight is 757 kg . and the payload of 422 kg. It is powered by a 225 hp Lycoming HI0-360 F1AD turbo piston engine that has a top speed of 188 km / h and a cruising speed of 164 km / h. The service cover of 3,658 m. And the range of 420 km. In accordance with the requirements of the Air Force, they have the most modern avionics, especially for IFR flights, and a cabin that is equipped with night goggles (NVG) for training. Operating costs per flight hour are approximately $ 76.5. (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photo: F-280FX Shark Enstrom Helicopter Training Helicopters acquired by the Peruvian Air Force.

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