The last three US presidents used the same aircraft model in their campaigns

In the midst of the fierce presidential campaign in the United States, amid the pandemic, one number stands out: a model from Boeing that happened to be used by all of the last three presidents-elect in the campaign.

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From a distance it may even seem like a presidential election prediction, as everyone who used the jet was re-elected, but this is just another great curiosity historical curiosity. The whole coincidence revolves around a model airplane: the Boeing 757-200. ,

This exact model was used in the campaign by all of the last three US presidents-elect: Bush Jr., Obama, and Trump.

Known as the “Seattle Missile” for its performance and location, the 757 is one of the most popular Boeing aircraft in the United States, with 1,050 units produced by the entire family. Since 2000, the jet has brought good luck to its passengers at election time, at least in part, as we’ll see below:

George W. Bush

Bush’s son, who was elected Vice President with Dick Cheney in 2000 and is known not to be confused with his father George HW Bush, used a Boeing 757-200 from the North American airline.

The jet had few modifications in its painting that already hoisted the United States flag and fluttered in the stern. Only the “Bush – Cheney 2000” logo was added to the fuselage of the registration jet N750NA.

This 757 flew through North America until 2011 and was converted into a freighter the following year after a brief storage period in the Arizona desert. He is currently with FedEx Express with registration number N971FD called Darcy.

Barack H. Obama

The first African American president in US history also used a 757-200 and a North American one too, but this time it was the N755NA.

The painting was quite modified, with a blue tail and the campaign logo. At the core are the words “CHANGE – WE CAN BELIEVE IN” which means “change we can believe in,” part of Obama’s campaign slogan that was heavily focused on change and became famous for “yes we can.” “, Oo” Yes, we can “.

The jet stayed in North America until 2012 after flying to Russian airline UTair and later to fellow Azur Air where it is located today.

Donald J. Trump

This is certainly the most famous of all 757s in the world: the private jet of tycoon Donald Trump, which won the 2016 elections. Unlike previous candidates, this one actually belongs to Trump.

The jet has always been a source of pride for Trump, who even said he would not fly Air Force One as President to save money but was forced to leave the Trump One aside for safety reasons as the planes of the American Air Force count with advanced communications and defense systems.

The 757-200 N757AF license plate is owned directly by Trump and was built in 1991. It was delivered to Sterling Airways of Denmark, then TAESA of Mexico, and later American Vulcan and TAG Aviation USA, who originally flew, rented it to Trump, who acquired it the following year.

Exceptions to the rule

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Obviously not all cards are marked and the 757 is not just a lucky charm. John Kerry attempted to beat Republican Bush in his re-election in 2004, also using a Transmeridian 757-200 with registration number N958PG.

Kerry didn’t win and the jet, which had been leased to Colombian Avianca prior to the campaign, went to Venezuelan SBA Airlines. Today the aircraft is being converted to a freighter and also to FedEx with the registration number N977FD and the name Gatten.

Below are the aircraft that the other contestants used in the campaigns and lost to the 757:

Douglas DC-9 with N934ML registration from Spirit Airlines, used in Democrat Al Gore’s 2000 campaign against Bush’s son;
Swift Air Boeing 737-400 with registration N802TJ in Republicans John McCain and Palin’s 2008 campaign against Obama;
USA Jet Airlines’ McDonnell Douglas MD-83 with registration number N949NS, used in Republican Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign and lost to Obama;
The Xtra Airways Boeing 737-800 N881XA license plate that Hillary Clinton used when she lost to Trump in 2016.

It is also worth noting that all presidents did not use their own aircraft when they were re-elected, but instead used the USAF Boeing 747-200 named VC-25A, which was modified for transport by the president as they already occupied the position and needed enhanced security.

The USAF 757 was even used very punctually in the elections, as the Air Force called four of them, called C-32A, for transporting the President, Vice and high authorities in shorter sections, for domestic flights and where the 747 does not land.

Currently, Trump can only be seen in one of the two VC-25A, while Democrat Biden uses a 737-500 below. Could the 737 bring luck this time?

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