The government is changing the rules governing the remuneration of armed forces personnel

The Council of Ministers adopted a Royal Decree amending the rules on remuneration for armed forces personnel approved by Royal Decree 1314/2005 of November 4th. The aim is to review the general component of the specific addendum that the Military Personnel Compensation Ordinance as part of the specific addendum received on the basis of the mandate has a hierarchical order within each category to bring it up to date Adapt the needs of the armed forces personnel.

The amounts of this component have remained unchanged since the above-mentioned Compensation Ordinance came into force more than 15 years ago, as they were no longer up-to-date with the current requirements of the armed forces personnel in terms of the qualifications required to access the military career, at the highest level of preparation, training and adaptation to a wide variety of situations.

With this measure of the increase in the number, the first jobs on each scale are promoted, increasing the proportion of the general component of the specific complement for the employment of soldiers and seafarers by 13.1%, for the employment of soldiers by 8.6% and for Sergeant’s employment increased by 8.8% Teniente / Alfrez de Navo.

Intermediate jobs on every scale are also promoted, increasing the proportion of the general component for Commander / Lieutenant Commander employment by 11.3%, for Brigade employment by 11.3% and for Cabo Primero employment by 8.2% elevated.

The change has no effect on the remuneration structure set out in the Remuneration Ordinance, as no new remuneration components are introduced or the definition of existing components is changed.

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