The former Chilean Navy officer reveals that Cabo de Hornos discovered the missing ARA San Juan submarine off Ocean Infinity, but Argentina ignored the finding

Csar Miranda Toledo, naval captain of the navy, who commanded the ship ‘Cabo de Hornos’ on an international mission to locate the Argentine submarine ‘ARA San Juan’, which disappeared in the Atlantic in late 2017, he told the newspaper Der Merkur who, two years ago, came to the conclusion that the signals compatible with a metal structure, which were then recorded by the sensors of the national ship, correspond to the missing submersible.

When it became known (on November 17, 2018) that a company (Ocean Infinity) had found it, it occurred to me that the location it was supplying was extremely close, if not the same, that we had reported. I don’t know what reasons were motivated to keep this information ready, ”said the officer, who had been retired since February, to El Mercurio, adding that he believed at the time that we could have found him (the submarine). I am sure that this body’s report was signed by the Argentine government and published by open sources. “

These statements come after one of the defendants in the case, Argentine Rear Admiral Luis Enrique Lpez Mazzeo, presented details of the search to the Comodoro Rivadavia Federal Court of Appeals. Ah, he confirmed that the Chilean ship Cabo de Hornos had managed to find its location 20 days after its disappearance and that this information was known to the government of then President Mauricio Macri. Rear Admiral Lpez Mazzeo added that the Argentine government had known the ship’s location as of December 5, 2017 and that its 44 crew members had died inside.

For his part, according to the Argentine media Infobae, López confirmed that when I had to sign the most painful news of my entire career, namely the closure of the case, we had established the position of the submarine and therefore coordinated with the British Navy on the 5th . December (2017) the order for an autonomous vehicle because we knew that it could only be in two barrels, which we could not verify with all the necessary international means. The same medium ensures that the Chilean science ship Cabo de Hornos, through its sonars, discovered an object compatible with the Ara San Juan at a depth of more than 900 meters.

At that time, Csar Miranda, commander of the ship Cabo de Hornos, stated that as part of the incessant work and the numerous contacts made by the ship’s echoes, we discovered an object at a depth of 940 meters. On the same day, however, Lpez Mazzeo had assured the Argentine press that there was no significant news regarding the location of the Ara San Juan. In light of this scenario, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Norberto Bellver, pointed out a few days ago that he had asked to name former President Mauricio Macri, former Defense Minister Oscar Aguad and then Chief of the Navy Alfredo Srur as defendants in the case . .

Testimony from a former high command of the Argentine Navy shows that both the institution and the transandine government ignored the results of the Chilean ship Cabo de Hornos and delayed the ship’s discovery by almost a year. The allegations raise the suspicion that the negligence was financially motivated to favor the tracing company. (Pamela Squella)

Photo: Cape Horn of the Chilean Navy.

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