The first CB-90HSM Maritime Interdiction Patrol boats for the Peruvian Navy are built as

The Marine Industrial Service (SIMA-PERU) has started construction of the first two CB-90HSM Maritime Interdiction Patrol boats, which were acquired for the Peruvian Navy as part of the program to create Maritime Interdiction Services in the Maritime Domain National Code SNIP N. 290121.

The construction of both units, which will be carried out in SIMA’s X41 workshop with CKD (Complete Knock Down) packages, will take at least 12 months so that they cannot be delivered after the corresponding test drives at the end of March 2022. The acquisition of these ships, the valued at around $ 4.8 million, was carried out by the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), which signed a specific agreement with the Navy in October 2019 to improve its control, surveillance and surveillance capabilities for vessels fishing along the Peruvian coast, Operate cabotage and transit through judicial waters. According to , the Navy has already received funding for two more CB-90HSMs to be built next August.

The CB-90HSM are high-performance, multi-platform ships that can not only be used as sea or river interdiction patrols, but can also carry out combat, patrol, surveillance and coastal defense missions or special operations. They have a length of 16.43 m, a width of 3.83 m. And a draft of 0.8 m. They displace 18 tons in the standard configuration and about 25 tons at full load. They are powered by two diesel engines, either Scania DSI14 V8 or Caterpillar 3406ETA, and two Kamewa FF waterjet engines that allow them to reach a top speed of 45 knots. Its autonomy is 300 nm at 38 knots. for 5.9 hours. The crew consists of 3 people and can carry 16 to 18 people. It has a ramp to the bow that allows its troops to disembark quickly on beaches or areas with difficult access.

The armament typically includes two 12.7 mm M-2 machine guns. in a bracket in front – on the starboard side – in front of the helmsman’s position and an RCWS that supports various weapon configurations, from a 12.7mm machine gun. to a 30 mm barrel. or a 40mm grenade launcher. In the case of the Peruvian Navy, both ships will most likely mount a 12.7mm RCWS guard. by Escribano M & E.

The program for the creation of maritime prohibition services in the national maritime area – SNIP code N 290121, which provides for the acquisition of 24 ships, was drawn up in mid-2018. The first two units acquired have a contract for 3.48 million dollars, two 45 Defiant were manufactured by Metal Shark Boats in its plant in Louisiana, USA. They arrived in Peru in early February and were officially recorded on March 23 after completing the relevant navigation and acceptance tests. They are classified as Maritime Interdiction Patrols and are named Punta Sal (PI-1301) and Cabo Blanco (PI-1302). (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photos: Maritime Interdiction Patrol Boats CB-90HSM for the Peruvian Navy

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