The Finnish shipyard Aker Arctic proposes a special ship for the Antarctic to the Argentine Tandanor

The technical teams from Tandanor and the Finnish shipyard Aker Arctic, together with their managers, are continuing the working meetings to advance the Polar Ship Project. Finnish specialists propose the construction of a special ship to plow through the waters of the Antarctic ice very similar to the one shown on our pages.

The Ministry of Defense has expressed the need for this ship to be manufactured in national shipyards. Minister Agustn Rossi announced that this ship is a priority for his portfolio and intends to build it in Argentina.


In 2019, the Argentine Ministry of Defense announced that the acquisition of a polar ship was estimated at nearly US $ 100 million to provide adequate supplies to the Antarctic bases and to preserve the ARA Almirante Irizar icebreaker when used properly. The goal was to have it built in the CINAR facilities or in the Rio Santiago shipyards and there was talk of a Finnish design but so far no major novelties have been introduced. The arrival of the new government meant opening up to new opportunities.

The National Technological University (UTN), through the projects of its students, has created a specific design that is very similar to Admiral Irizar. We believe the real need for the ARA is a polar ship that is more similar to the extinct Baha Paraso, practical and simple, and easy to move to shore thanks to its own cranes and huge hangar. The existence of excess research laboratories implies the waste of the few facilities that a ship of this class has.

Given the current challenges in the protection and conservation of marine resources, the country must address the need to strengthen presence and long-distance traffic capabilities in all of the vast sea areas it supports. The existence of a ship with polar and specific characteristics would make it possible to improve the planning of Antarctic operations, which require significant tonnage to be transported quickly and effectively to 13 bases on the White Continent.

A copy of the ARA Almirante Irizar is not required, but a classic double-hulled transport ship with seaworthy capabilities, in addition to the simple facilities in cranes and cargo systems. The design of a polar ship like that of the Universidad Tecnologa Nacional, which has been recognized internationally for its excellence, is an opportunity for the national industry, and it is said that the FONDEF (Defense Fund) could be the real way to hire the naval facility specific and convenient means available.

Its design enables the transport of more than fifteen reefer containers for frozen cargo. It offers space for 160 crew members plus 60 passengers and a complete hospital with an operating theater, which is located in the bow for more navigation comfort. Carry 4 tanks of liquefied natural gas, which gives an autonomy of almost 3,000 nautical miles and reduces pollution by 20%.

Also carry multiple landing craft and semi-rigid boats for high-speed operations and transport 3 medium-weight helicopters in a large hangar where they have all the facilities for their support. The flight deck will have a frost protection system for the safe operation of the helicopters, while the dry cargo capacity will be more than 4,000 m3 for efficient logistics. It is powered by efficient second-generation heating oil propellants with more than 15,000 kW of energy, which offer you unparalleled safety when navigating. (Luis Pieiro)

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