The Defiant 45 Prohibited Boats arrive for the Peruvian Navy – Noticias

The two Defiant 45 banned boats, acquired by the Peruvian Navy in 2019 from Metall Shark Boats (Louisiana, USA), arrived in Peru on February 5 on board the cargo ship BBC Valparaso (Cyprus). According to , both were taken to Callo Naval Base, where they will be tuned and the relevant navigation and acceptance tests by specialists from Metal Shark Boats over the next few days.

The Defiant 45, which is financed by the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), was acquired as part of the public investment project to create maritime prohibition services in SNIP code No. 290121 of the national maritime sector, of a total of 24 ships. By incorporating it, the Directorate-General of Captains and Coast Guards (DICAPI) can enhance its control, surveillance and surveillance skills for vessels engaged in fishing, cabotage and transit through judicial waters along the Peruvian coast.

Made from aluminum, they are an advanced version specially designed for the Peruvian Navy, with ABS certification for plans and construction systems. They have a length of 14.07 m. And a beam of 4.12 m. They displace 15.42 tons. They are powered by two Caterpillar C12 ACERT 705 hp diesel engines (which meet the TIER II environmental standard) and can reach full throttle – a top speed of 41 knots for 5.9 hours. The autonomy at 8.5 knots is 250 nm. The crew consists of 3 people and can carry 6 troops. According to the requirements, the Defiant 45 is equipped with a self-stabilizing FLIR infrared camera and a Furuno navigation radar as well as an anemometer, magnetic and satellite compass, GPS, echo sounder and automatic identification system (AIS). , Digital mapping, transversal and radio beacon data loggers as well as HF GMDSS, VHF-FM-GMDSS, VHF-AM and UHF devices as well as shockwave upholstered seats of the latest generation.

They also have a David & Clark internal communication system and a closed loop recording system. In terms of armament, both ships will appear to receive a 12.7mm RCWS guard. by Escribano M&E to be installed after its creation. (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photo: Defiant 45 banned boats acquired by the Peruvian Navy.

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