The defense recognizes the media’s work this year of the pandemic and snowfall –

Defense Secretary Margarita Robles launched an act this morning of recognizing all media professionals for their work during the pandemic and strengthening the role of the armed forces in the fight against COVID-19.

All representatives of the armed forces today applaud the media for their work, dedication and support, said Robles, adding that you have made citizens feel that the army is part of society and that it is very close.

With your presence, when you count what happens, you have suffered with the citizens, you have suffered in your families, but you have always put your profession first, said Robles, highlighting the role of the public service, journalists and the military have in common.

Finally, the minister praised the role of journalism as the real oxygen of democracy and reminded that 40 years of democracy in Spain will not be possible without the press, without a free and independent press.

The head of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), Lieutenant General Luis Martnez Meijide, for his part, has concentrated on the important daily work of the media, but especially in major emergencies.

For over a year, I had the opportunity to check whether all the missions entrusted to us by Spanish society were focused on the media, said Meijide, for whom the militia and journalism were born from the same calling. That is the public service.

At the beginning of the act of recognition for defense journalists and, more broadly, for all men and women who are journalists in Spain, the minister said, a video was shown with various radio and television cuts and related headlines of the enormous activities and interventions by the men and women Women in the armed forces last year.

Subsequently, the President of the Association of Defense Journalists (APDEF), Emilio Andreu, collected a plaque on which all information experts are represented.

Thank you, the reason for this recognition is received from the press, awkwardly from the APDEF, although those who wrote it are all soldiers, men and women in the country, the air, the Navy, the UME and the Royal Guard According to Andreu, for a year they have been in constant mobilization against the pandemic, snowfall, the construction of field hospitals and the construction of bridges.

The Defense Journalists Association was founded 15 years ago to defend the right to information in military affairs, security, and defense. One of their most outstanding activities is the presentation of their annual awards.

Many thanks to APDEF for these 15 years of traveling like Latvia and Lebanon every day. Robles said he was up at 12 p.m. and 7 a.m. for rigorous and serious journalism.

Defense Minister Esperanza Casteleiro took part in the event in the room of Lieutenant General Veguillas at the Ministry’s headquarters. the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Amparo Valcarce; and the Chief of Staff, Admiral General Teodoro Lpez Caldern, among other civil and military authorities.

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