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The Maritime Service of the Civil Guard has launched the award of four modern patrol boats in the amount of 8.9 million euros (10.7 including taxes). These are two medium-duty all-weather patrol boats and two high-speed patrol boats that will be put into service in three years.

The contract is divided into two lots, lot 1 corresponding to all-weather medium patrol boats with a value of 5.1 million euros, while lot 2 relates to high-speed patrol boats which will receive 3.8 million euros. In the case of tenders, the price corresponds to 55 percent of the value of the offers.

While the middle patrol boats are assigned to patrol missions, fighting illegal immigration, protecting the marine environment and overseeing the fight against drug trafficking, the high-speed patrol boats have a clear mission, which is to control drug trafficking and organized crime, while keeping its ability highlighted for interception. Both can be equipped with 40mm automatic grenade launchers. they have the necessary support for what has been foreseen. The LAG-40 or similar supplied by Benemrita are listed in the technical specifications.

Medium patrol boats

Medium-sized patrol boats have a service life of at least 20 years with an expected employment of 3,000 hours per year, designed for a crew of 5, monocoque construction and aluminum deck, with a cabin made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, capacity for daily operation and night for two days Continuously at sea in force 5 waves and up to 150 miles from shore.

It will be between 20 and 22 meters long, with a beam between 5 and 6 and a draft between 0.9 and 1 meters. Have two 12-cylinder V-engines with at least 1,400 hp. Power and propulsion by means of two Hamilton HM521 or similar hydrojets. It will be able to reach 35 knots, reach a cruising speed of 20 knots, weigh 35 tons and have a 4 meter long inflatable rigid hull or auxiliary boat of the RHIB type and an outboard motor that has a Ramp is operated in star.

The characteristics of this ship are reminiscent of the Gondan-21 class, which was built by Gondn Shipyards for the Civil Guard.

High-speed interceptors

The second lot corresponds to the acquisition of two high-speed patrol boats, which must be able to stay at sea for 12 hours at a distance of approximately 20 miles from the coast, with four men and at least 15 years with 1,000 hours of operation. expected employment per year. They will have deterrent weapons and interceptors for their use.

They will be between 17 and 18.5 meters long, 3.5 to 4 meters wide and 0.8 to 1.2 meters deep. You will have two diesel engines with at least 1,800 horsepower. Each is connected to two separate hydrojets that can reach speeds of 55 knots. It will be able to maintain that speed for at least an hour, and at 80 percent power it should be able to reach 45 knots with a planing speed of less than 23 knots.

These characteristics reflect that its design has been optimized to facilitate gliding at low speeds and allow for optimal interception capabilities. It is stressed that the highest speed and glide are required as quickly as possible and that the beginning or the end of the glide does not mean that the bow is raised, thereby preventing objects near the bridge from being seen can be used to optimize the high speed. You have at least 250 miles of autonomy and can reach 300 at cruising speed. Its weight is calculated at 19 tons and it is made of aluminum.

Its characteristics suggest it was a Rodman design, like the Rodman-55 last delivered to the Civil Guard, boats that can reach 67 knots according to the manufacturer. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: La Rio Guadalobon, Class 55 by Rodman (Rodman)

The new civil guard patrol boats must be highly mobile (Rodman)

The middle patrol boat Rio Agueda of the Civil Guard (Gondan)

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