The civil guard is running out of new assault rifles, the tender is suspended until further notice

The tender carried out by the Civil Guard for the purchase of at least 7,050 assault rifles in caliber 5.56 x 45 mm. It has been suspended until further notice, as Benemrita recently reported on the State Contracting Platform.

This tender, which we analyzed in January, aims to acquire 7,050 new assault rifles for an amount that could reach € 11.9 million including tax and will run through 2024. However, in the announcement of the suspension of March 10, it is pointed out that the SINE DIE tendering process will, due to the circumstances, in other words, be suspended for reasons of public interest without a specific deadline or date. Recall that the specifications in this file were previously corrected and the competition was canceled last year.


The Civil Guard Economy Headquarters had an invitation to tender to purchase at least 7,050 5.56 x 45 mm assault rifles. NATO has been standardized in different units for a value of 9.9 million euros, which will reach 11.9 including taxes.

The technical data sheet (PPT) contains all the technical requirements that this assault rifle must meet, from the safety mechanisms to the type of barrel (cold forged and hard chrome-plated) to the gas suction drive (which can be a long or short piston, stroke or direct gas inlet) , the operating mode by opening the magazine with the last shot, the shooting modes (safe, shot to shot and burst) or operation with standardized NATO ammunition.

In addition to the 7,050 assault rifles, the corresponding accessories such as magazines (3 per weapon), rifle holders, cases with cleaning tools and face masks as well as manuals are to be purchased. The dimensions and weights will be taken into account when evaluating the proposals and it is stated that they must not be more than 1 meter in length and 300 mm in height. a width of 85 mm. and a maximum mass with the empty magazine of 3,850 grams. With NATO ammunition, it must have a minimum rate of 750 rounds per minute, an initial projectile speed of 800 meters per second and an effective range of more than 300 meters with an accuracy of 150 mm have at 100 meters. (Semiperimeter formed by the highest length). Others, more specific, are the resistance of the trigger or the maximum pressure allowed in the chamber. The barrel, breech and frame must withstand at least 10,000 blows and the rest 5,000. Like most weapons of this type, there must be at least one picatinny strip in order to install toe elements.

In this tender, the price had a weighting of 60 percent, whereby it should be noted that the compact size and light weight of the rifle are taken into account, since the length (10 percent) and weight (15 percent) are also evaluated. The supplies should be divided into three annuities in 2022, 2023 and 2024. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Civil protection officers from the BRILIB XXXIV contingent stationed in Lebanon are trained in police shooting techniques under the guidance of GAR (EMAD) specialists

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