The Christopher Columbus Frigate of the Navy in Maintaining Peace and Security in the Mediterranean Noticias

The frigate Cristbal Coln, command ship of NATO Permanent Marine Group No. 2 (SNMG-2), has reached the eastern end of the Mediterranean and is currently patrolling under operational control of the Operations Command. Its primary role as a faction ship is to provide the Alliance with instant operational responsiveness in marine environments.

It also has a fundamental mission to help maintain peace and security at sea, for which it sails in support of Operation Sea Guardian.

The participation of Spanish naval units in this type of operation is common. They are proof of Spain’s international commitment to its allies and contribute to the security of all.

The SNMG-2 is a permanent maritime grouping of NATO, into which naval units and areas of the various allies are integrated. From June to June 2021, the command of the group lies with the Spanish Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre, who is embarked with his general staff on board the frigate ‘Cristbal Coln’.

Sea Guardian is a maritime security operation limited to international Mediterranean waters and focused on understanding the marine environment to deter and counter terrorism and other threats. It was founded in 2016 as the successor to the “Active Endevour” operation and since then Spain has participated without interruption.

During its integration, the ‘Cristbal Coln’ has a staff of approximately 240 men and women, a security operations team (from the Marines), an SH-60B helicopter and the general staff of the Agrupacin commander. The ship’s commander is the frigate captain Juan Bautista Pay Martinez.

Text and photos: Major Defense State.

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