The Chilean armed forces fundamentally support the vaccination process against Covid-19

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Health Information, a total of 1 million 817,000 266 people across Chile had been vaccinated against the coronavirus with the first dose by Saturday, February 13 at 11:00 a.m.

This fact has been highlighted worldwide. According to the Our World In Data website, Chile is the country in South America with the best vaccination rates per 100 people (5.58), surpassed only by Israel (67.8), the United Arab Emirates (45.7) and the United Kingdom was (20.00) and USA (13.4) with numbers from February 9th.

The Chilean armed forces have provided fundamental support in this process. For example, it assisted the Ministry of Health through the air resources of the 1st and 5th Air Brigades of the Chilean Air Force in distributing the second dose of Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19 to health officials in the Antofagasta area she was the SR-22T ?? Cirrus ?? of Aviation Group No. 8 of the V Air Brigade, which took off from Cerro Moreno Air Base in the direction of Calama. It was later made by a Bell 412 helicopter from the 1st Air Brigade that went to the municipality of Taltal and another that went to the town of Tocopilla to complete the delivery in the town of María Elena.

In the first week of February, for his part, the patrol officer “Contramaestre Ortiz”, who is dependent on the Fifth Sea Zone, was dispatched to the city of Castro. As the unit’s commander, Lieutenant Commander Hardy Niklitschek, elaborated, the aim of the commission was “to help the government of Castro Maritime secure the vaccination process against Covid-19 and to support the districts, the officials, the target audience and the target groups To provide security. ” more than 13,000 vaccination doses “.

“As a unit, we are maintaining our commitment and constant support to the most isolated areas of our jurisdiction even during the current pandemic,” the Navy official said.

In return, all hospitals of the armed forces of the three branches are open to the public in order to take part in the vaccination of the population as part of the so-called #YoMeVacuno campaign.

This is what the Minister for National Defense, Alfonso Vargas, emphasized: ?? The armed forces have been working hard for almost a year. Their staff, men and women, 28,000 people work on the streets every day and work together on all kinds of measures, today in vaccination, but also in patient transfer, ventilators. The armed forces have worked together, and we must say with great force, and I want to acknowledge the men and women who, together with PDI and the Chilean police, have tried to maintain order everywhere.

Armed Forces Actions in a State of Disaster

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the armed forces have performed numerous tasks:

760 daily patrols in the metropolitan area at the time of the greatest intensity of the hygiene measures. Monitoring and protecting borders in the northern regions. Checks on curfew, sanitary usage, sanitary cables, compliance with quarantines, use of second homes, etc. Institutional hospitals increased their critical beds for COVID patients: from 27 they went to 74, with an increase of 174%, which in 2020 were entirely in the public health network were integrated. Collaborate on the collection, distribution, security and delivery of 2.5 million food boxes for vulnerable sectors affected by the pandemic. Delivery of 47,000 hygiene kits in 294 warehouses benefiting 23,000 families almost across the country. Protection of critical infrastructures. Transfer of COVID patients to health residences in the Antofagasta, Valparaíso, O’Higgins and Biobío regions. Support for the Ministry of Health’s plan to vaccinate against influenza with 34,811 vaccinations in 2020. More than 100,000 food rations through the program ?? Rancho Solidario ?? from the army. 278 operations of the Sargento Aldea ship in Talcahuano and Valparaíso. Aero-evacuation of 162 seriously ill patients with COVID-19 in C-130 and Twin Otter aircraft as well as in FACh Blackhawk helicopters between the cities of Concepción, Puerto Montt, Chillán, Los Ángeles, Ovalle, Talca, Osorno, Arica, Calama, Temuco among others. (Pamela Squella)

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