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General Javier Varela, Chief of Staff of the Army (JEME), chaired the presentation of the headquarters (CG) of the Castillejos division in a renovated Sancho Ramrez barracks, which is entering a new phase after its structures have been changed. Defense Ordinance 708 of July 27, 2020, which regulates this new organization of the Spanish army, represented a profound change in the organic structure of the Castillejos division. This change in structure coincided with the relocation of the headquarters from the Muoz Castellanos barracks in Madrid in today’s Sancho Ramrez de Huesca.

On arrival at the divisional headquarters, the Army Chief of Staff was received by his General Carlos Jess Melero, accompanied by Lieutenant General Jos Rodríguez, the head of the Terrestrial Force (Seville) on which the Castillejos division depends. After receiving the ordinance, the authorities present were honored and welcomed, including the Mayor of Huesca Luis Felipe, the President of the District Council of Huesca, Miguel Gracia, the Government Delegate Silvia Salazar and the Territorial Delegate of the General Council of Aragon, Benito Ros General Melero explained to those present the new missions taken over by the division.

The chief of the army, General Varela, first highlighted the synergetic efforts that made it possible to move the division’s headquarters to Huesca, thanked all administrations for their efforts and appreciated the traditional link between the army and Aragon.

He then highlighted the new role of the Castillejos division in the army’s transformation process. and that it is a fundamental contribution to the security and defense structures of the international organizations with which Spain works, the UN, NATO … I also note that the general of the division is also a military commander, an essential element when it comes to support and civil authorities if necessary. (Example the current pandemic)

General Varela emphasized in his speech the efforts to adapt the facilities (Sancho Ramrez Station) to current needs.

The year 2020 was a complex one for the headquarters as, due to the difficulty of restructuring with the transfer of the coordination of support to enable society to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in the appropriate part.

For this year 2021, the division faces new challenges: consolidating its presence in the new Huesca barracks, achieving the full operational capacity of the headquarters and integrating the new units.

The new structure, responding to the concept of a mission-oriented organization, gives the division great versatility, combat strength and resolution capacity and forms the headquarters of the division, one of the nerve centers of the Terrestrial Force (Seville) on which it depends organically.

The department is able to set up operational organizations capable of integrating and combining (with other allied armies) in superior structures of a common nature (land, navy and air), as well as generating all kinds of forces required.

The Castillejos division is currently divided into:

Headquarters of the Castillejos division. (Huesca)

Aragn I. Brigade (Saragossa)

King Alfonso XIII II Brigade of La Legin. (Almera)

Galicia VII Brigade. (Pontevedra)

. Brigade Guzmn el Bueno X. (Cordoba)

Extremadura XI Brigade. (Badajoz)

Guadarrama XII Brigade. (Madrid)

Transfer Regiment No. 1. (Huesca-Burgos)

Headquarters Battalion. (Huesca)

The transfer took place in two phases. The division’s headquarters and headquarters battalion were relocated in the first semester of 2020, while the II / 1 transmission battalion was relocated in the second semester. The units in the capital Huesca have been fully established since the end of December.

The Sancho Ramirez Act, the new headquarters of the Castillejos division, was the subject of major efforts in the commissioning of the barracks to facilitate the life and operation of the units within.

Efforts began in 2018 and in these two years the necessary measures for the procurement and commissioning of the services of:

Catering, cleaning and accommodation services by conditioning the facilities and purchasing the necessary furniture for the military personnel relocated to the city of Huesca.

This service is currently offered to 240 soldiers, 210 of whom are military personnel and cover 100% of the possible positions.

For the furniture of the new barracks, 1,200,000 euros were invested in the purchase of new furniture for the Sancho Ramirez barracks in Huesca. To support the military personnel, a child-rearing center (kindergarten) with a capacity of 10,000 euros was built for 45 children from the next school year.

Finally, all materials and furniture, including the main urban furniture, were transferred to Huesca from the barracks in Madrid where the unit was located, which is summarized in the following general data: 700,000 kg of material in 120 containers of 20.

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