The Brazilian Navy approves the bases for the preliminary design of the conventional nuclear-powered submarine

The Brazilian Navy has taken a significant step towards procuring the first conventional nuclear-powered submarine (SN-BR), the main objective of the Submarine Program (PROSUB), by signing the preliminary project bases (ABPP) approval . . The event took place on September 26th in the Metal Structures Manufacturing Unit / UFEM in the Itagua Naval Complex.

To contextualize the meaning of this signature, it should be mentioned that by Ordinance No. 332 of November 16, 2020, the Navy Commander created the position of the Naval Nuclear Safety and Quality Authority (ANSNQ) and appointed the Director General for Development Nuclear and Technological of the Navy, Squadron Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen, in order to exercise his responsibility at the same time as his other duties. This normative document also defines the structure of this authority, which, in addition to the transport of its nuclear fuel, is intended to promote the approval and inspection of ship systems in their nuclear power plants shipped for propulsion. The event is the first step towards SN-BR’s project licensing and construction process.

Admiral Olsen, who was endowed with the competence entrusted to him as the maritime authority for nuclear safety and quality, emphasized the importance of this strategic framework, which contributes directly and indirectly to a groundbreaking initiative of historical importance, to put it concretely, committed and sensible treatment. the Navy with the safety of its crews, the environment and society in general, an inseparable feature of the strategic naval environment that materializes one of the main defensive bastions of the Blue Amazon. In order for the ABPP to come about, the Agency for Nuclear Quality and Safety of the Navy (AgNSNQ) has issued a technical note recommending approval to ANSNQ, followed by an in-depth review and improvement of the technical documents issued by the General Coordination Military organizations, with the support of the Submarine Development Center and the Navy’s Directorate for Nuclear Development, joined the organic structure of the Navy’s General Directorate for Nuclear and Technological Development.

The AgNSNQ establishes the first formal act as an independent technical advisory body and executor of the quality and nuclear safety functions and consolidates the strategic importance of its creation. As a military licensing and inspection organization for integrated nuclear propulsion systems, it is responsible for integrating the maritime safety of the platform into the safety of the nuclear power plant. (Javier Bonilla)

Photo: Signature of the approval of the preliminary project (ABPP) bases for the Brazilian Navy’s first conventional nuclear submarine.

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