The Brazilian army is offering training in the jungle to the South African contingent stationed in the Congo-Noticias

As part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO), the Brazilian army completed a training course in the jungle for a unit of the intervention brigade of the 15th South African Infantry Battalion. A total of 38 South African officers, non-commissioned officers and sergeants received training in techniques and operations in the jungle in the form of a training by trainers, which was carried out by the mobile team specializing in operations in the jungle, which is the technical direction of the jungle war center briefing the Brazilian army.

The team consists of 13 officers and sergeants, graduates of this unit, 11 of whom are from the Army, one from the Navy and one from the Brazilian Air Force. The training module was completed in four weeks, two of which were jungle techniques; a week of planning and conducting patrols in the jungle; and a final week of basic reinforcement training in the jungle. Instructions for navigating the jungle, emergency actions, patrols, sandpit, responding to contact with the enemy in the jungle, tactical movements through the jungle and other variables were also provided.

A total of three companies in the South African battalion will be training the Brazilian unit for the entire contingent for a period of three months, which will help increase their employment in various local missions. (Javier Bonilla, Edefa Group correspondent in Brazil)

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