The Brazilian Air Force is beginning to implement its Cyber ​​Defense structure-Noticias

According to the plans of the Aeronautical General Staff (EMAER), in a first phase the core of the Aeronautical Cyberdefense Center (NuCDCAER) will be implemented in the organizational structure of the Brasilia Aeronautical Computing Center (CCA-BR) and in a second phase administrative measures will be carried out to disable the NuCDCAER and activate the Aeronautical Cyber ​​Defense Center (CDCAER).

In November 2020, the Air Force University (UNIFA), in collaboration with Fundacin Getlio Vargas (FGV) Projetos, a traditional research and postgraduate educational institution, hosted the Second Seminar on Cyber ​​Security and Defense, which addressed the challenges of cyber defense in the Brazilian space projection. In this webinar, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Lieutenant Brig. Del Aire Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno emphasized that it is necessary for cyber defense to constantly monitor the entire data network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including equipment and qualified personnel on constant alert requires due to the high added value of aerospace activities.

The opportunities presented in the study, which lasted a year and six months, resulted in an economically viable, sensible, and simple solution that could be implemented into the Air Force Command (COMAER) organizational structure. The first phase, the full implementation of which ends by June 2022, will focus on the selection and training of personnel, the reallocation of tasks not directly related to cyber defense and the increase of cyber protection capacity and the establishment of personnel an aviation cyber defense system.

The chief of the Air Force’s third deputy chief of staff, Major Brigadier of the Air Force, Joo Campos Ferreira Filho, emphasizes the importance of the new missions. We need a center that brings together all cyber defense, protection, attack and cyber research activities to be the central organ of the cyber defense system of our armed forces, defines Major-Brig. Fields.

The Brasilia Aeronautical Computing Center (CCA-BR) will play an initial role in this process, centralizing the means to enhance the capacity of cyber defense operations to further the fulfillment of the mission of the FAB / COMAER command. In addition, an implementation commission will be activated which aims to coordinate, monitor and manage the actions that lead to the activation of the CDCAER.

The point is to consolidate a professional, centralized military organization that is dedicated to all coordination, monitoring and management as a whole, that is, establishing the control of all areas of cyber defense throughout the COMAER structure. It is expected that the final activation of the aforementioned Aeronautical Cyber ​​Defense Center (CDCAER), with the main objective of planning, conducting, controlling and monitoring activities related to protection, exploration and cyberattacks under COMAER, will take place before December 2023.

(Javier Bonilla, Edefa Group correspondent in Brazil)

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