The Brazilian Air Force flew 1,700 hours in the fight against the pandemic in the Amazon

The participation of the aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) KC-390 Millennium, C-130 Hercules, C-105 Amazonas, C-99, C 97 and C-98 of the FAB among others in Operation COVID-19, until yesterday almost exclusively focused on supporting the northern region of Brazil, recorded 1,650 flight hours. The service missions to the health system of the northern region under the coordination of the Ministry of Defense, such as the transport of cylinders and liquid oxygen tanks and the transfer of patients to various Brazilian cities, remain active.

During this time, the FAB flew to the states of Rondnia, Roraima and particularly to the Amazon to meet the hospital requirements of each location. This means that around 2000 tons of freight have already been transported. Due to the capacity of hospitals in the Amazon, there is also a need to transfer patients. According to the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), which coordinates the missions of Operation COVID-19, 655 patients have been transported as of yesterday.

Three logistical air transport missions were carried out: An Airbus C 295-C-105 Amazonas transported eight wing patients from wing 8 in Manaus to Rio de Janeiro to fill vacancies in the public health network of the Amazon with 9 tanks of liquid oxygen; a Hercules C-130 took off from Wing 1 in Brasilia towards Manaus; A KC-390 Millennium loaded 8 tanks of liquid oxygen in the federal capital, where an oxygen distribution center was installed, which was also transported to the state of Amazonas. On Monday, a C-99 with 18 patients and six health professionals took off for Rio de Janeiro. (Javier Bonilla)

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