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The Argentine Defense Minister Agustín Rossi visited the factory of Fray Luis Beltrán Military Manufacturing (FM) and supervised the work in the San Lorenzo Logistics Support Base of the Argentine Army. Regarding the policy of industrial growth, the Minister of Defense highlighted the strengthening of the national industry for defense and the development of every military factory (FM) since we took over the government led by President Alberto Fernández, clearly alluding to the recovery, increasing the Production and billing by FM Fray Luis Beltrán, which allowed us to involve more workers.

There, too, he thanked the governor of Santa Fe Province, who was one of the collaborators in this restoration – with the most important purchase of bulletproof vests: fifteen thousand units. The minister then spoke to military personnel from the San Lorenzo Logistics Support Base, whom he thanked for their commitment and work at this point in time and highlighted the importance of the National Defense Fund (FONDEF). “For the first time, the armed forces have a special allocation fund for their conversion,” said Rossi of the law passed late last year that enabled the establishment of the National Defense Fund.

“The armed forces had entered a sales curve since the end of the Malvinas War that had to be de-escalated,” said the minister, saying that he was the first to let the president know as soon as he was called to the post. He described the need for this need to re-equip the armed forces to perform the primary mission established by the national constitution and law. Follow the mission to defend sovereignty in the various spaces of air, land and sea. but also to be able to meet that enormous amount of side or secondary missions as we did in the face of the pandemic.

With this in mind, the Defense Minister concluded that if sustained application of this specific allocation fund is achieved over a ten-year period, the armed forces in Argentina will change significantly. Will they have the necessary equipment to complete these missions and their assigned role?

During his visit to the BAL San Lorenzo Logistics Support Base, Rossi toured the main workshops of this military unit and supervised the “Jeep Recovery Plant” project. and recovery of REO trucks and overhauled magazines. (Luis Piñeiro)

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