The Antarctic Policy Council wants to establish Chile’s rights on the extended continental shelf

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Decree of the Chilean Antarctic Territory, at a working session of the Antarctic Policy Council, President Sebastin Piera was proposed to adapt two objectives of the National Antarctic Policy approved in 2017 to add Chile’s clear rights to the extended continental shelf in Antarctica and protection of marine resources through a marine reserve.

The first change takes into account the importance Chile attaches to its rights to the extended continental shelf in Antarctica. Foreign Minister Allamand assured us that we will present the relevant presentation to the United Nations next year. It was also decided to ask the President to include everything related to the creation of marine protected areas in Antarctica and in particular the promotion of the marine protected area that we are promoting together with Argentina in what is known as Domain 1 of the Antarctic. I added.

All members of the Antarctic Policy Council, Foreign Minister Andres Allamand, attended the meeting. the defense, Mario Desbordes; the economy, Lucas Palacios; Carolina Schmidt for the environment and Andrs Couve for science; in addition to the chief of joint chiefs of staff.

The update of the National Antarctic Policy and its strategic plan is also necessary with a view to the entry into force of the new Chilean Antarctic Law in March 2021, so that they fully comply with the approved regulations.

The main objective of the law is to strengthen Chile’s sovereign rights in the Antarctic within the framework of the Antarctic Treaty system, the systematization of the measures of the state of Chile to protect the Antarctic environment and the strengthening of the national Antarctic institutionalism.

During the meeting, the Chancellor proposed a work plan for the period 2020-2022 which, in addition to updating the Antarctic policy and the strategic plan, also included the revision of the development plan for the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic as a gateway. Entrance to Antarctica; the timetable for the approval of the provisions of the Antarctic Law the preparation of the National Antarctic Program 2022; the preparation of the Strategic Vision document by 2048 and the strategic guidelines / Antarctic science. (Pamela Squella)

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