The ala crane carrier mounted on a 4×4 Abjan 420 from the Emirates company NIMR: Introduction of Ventura Defense-Noticias

The Spanish company Ventura Defense, heir to almost twenty years of experience of NTGS, is making its debut with its new corporate identity at the IDEX in Abu Dhabi and will be showing an ala crane mortiser at its stand that is mounted on a 4×4 Abjan 420 light vehicle from the emirate company NIMR is.

The company has announced an agreement with Hexagon to develop its 1Command command system, a tactical plane command and control suite (C2) designed for the connected battlefield. This system includes various elements such as 1C-FCS, an open battlefield management system for units at the tactical level, 1C-ACS for indirect artillery fire management, 1C-FOS, an advanced observer for target acquisition and an improved toe cap, 1C-MAS, a toe system for mortars and other indirect firearms, as well as 1C-ALAKRAN, a combat management system based on the famous Alakran mortar carrier from Ventura Defense.

The qualification and integration of Hexagon’s Luciad software into the Ventura Defense 1Command suite was achieved in 2020. This makes Hexagon the geospatial software provider for all projects related to Ventura Defense systems. Luciad provides a platform for the design of situational awareness and location intelligence solutions that Ventura Defense customers can use to visualize operations in 2D and 3D with various presentation options. Leon Bitar, CEO of Ventura Defense, is excited about the start of the strategic partnership with Hexagon. We firmly believe that 1Command with Hexagon is the final step in successfully transforming our customers and combat units in the digital and connected space.

Ventura defense

Founded in 2002, the company specializes in indirect fire solutions for light vehicles with high mobility and combines reliable, durable and innovative solutions with a presence in Spain, Saudi Arabia and the USA. In addition to the mortar carrier Alakran, which is in use in the Middle East of Ukraine and is currently being evaluated by the Spanish Ministry of Defense, Ventura Defense offers the above-mentioned 1Command system, manual pointing systems and cooling systems for mortar.

At the company’s booth at IDEX, an Alakran girder could be seen, which was mounted on an Abjan 420 4×4 light vehicle from the emirate company NIMR. The company has developed this configuration in less than a year since arriving in Spain. The compact off-road vehicle receives the Alakran-Stemmer, which can be equipped with 81 or 120 mm parts. (Setting can be changed in 10 minutes). (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Alakran on Abjan 420 (Ventura Defense)

Ventura Defense Stand at IDEX (Ventura Defense)

Ventura Defense logo

The 1Command presented at IDEX (Ventura Defense)

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