Spanish propellers and axles for the twelve Dutch and Belgian mine hunter noticias

The program for the acquisition of twelve minehunters for the Belgian Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy, which was awarded last year to the Belgian Marine and Robotics Consortium (consisting of the French Navy Group and the Belgian ECA Group), will see Spanish participation as a propeller have been selected and rear axle lines of Spanish manufacture.

This was announced by Navalia, which reported on the selection by the Kership (a joint venture founded in 2013 by Naval Group and Piriou) of the proposal by the Spanish company Balio to supply the new lines of stern shafts and main propellers for the twelve ships that are the common Program between Belgium and the Netherlands.

In particular, Balio designed the wavy lines to be made in his plant in Vigo, while engineer Vicus DT designed the propellers to be cast in Fundivisa in Vilagarca de Arosa. These are companies that are part of the Emenasa group.

Balio has been supplying propulsion systems to the civil and military marine industries for more than 60 years. More than 1,000 systems are shipped to programs around the world. The company manufactures complete shaft lines from reducers to propellers, including couplings, bearings, horn and horn seals, including propellers up to 5 meters.

The € 2,000 million MCMV program includes the delivery of twelve minehunters, six for the Netherlands and six for Belgium, which use unmanned vehicles and whose delivery is scheduled between 2024 and 2029. The Spanish design and manufacturing components are integrated. in a new type of ship that was developed for the program with a displacement of 2,800 tons and was optimized under aspects such as acoustic and electromagnetic signatures as well as impact resistance and is designed for the use of unmanned boats and submarines. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photography: Balio propellers and shafts (Balio)

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