Seneca plane with Senate candidate lands on its stomach after engine failure

A Piper PA-34 Seneca PT-WIP registration aircraft landed in a field after the pilot detected a crash shortly after takeoff. The twin-engine crashed on Thursday morning, October 15, in the municipality of Primavera do Leste, 240 km from Cuiabá. The candidate for Senator Colonel Fernanda dos Santos (Patriota) followed on board.

According to the military police on their social networks, the plane suffered a crash on take-off when the correct engine failed and the pilot was forced into a violent descent. The flight went to Barra do Garças to start its campaign. In addition to Commander Luís Fernando Freitas Cortês and the candidate, Lieutenant Colonel Wanderson Siqueira (her husband) and three other advisors were on board. All remained unharmed.

Video in networks

This accident is not yet in CENIPA’s database, which it will be included in in the coming days, and further details need to be clarified. However, the images published by the candidate allow the aircraft to be identified. According to the Brazilian Aviation Register (RAB), PT-WIP is registered on behalf of the Aero Center Brasil Táxi Aéreo Ltda. and has a manufacturing date of 1989 (31 years). The plane is all regular and allowed for air taxi flights.

Still in the video (see below, wait for it to load), the candidate reassures voters and family members. She said:

“I’m fine. A little nervous because we don’t expect it, even if we don’t have the habit of traveling by plane like this. It’s the first time in my life. But God is with me in all the challenges, that I have suffered since accepting President Bolsonaro’s challenge. I am being tested and this way now. It was a danger and I survived, but I keep going and I’ll keep going, “he said.

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