Providing an active protection system for the 8×8 video recorder for the army would cost less than 600,000 euros per tank message

The Spanish army was interested in active protection systems to modernize the Leopardo 2E main battle tank and for the new wheeled combat vehicle (8×8) Dragn after considering the trophy as an option with more possibilities. Active protection systems for combat vehicles are one of the cutting-edge technologies that ensure the protection of crews from the threat of rocket grenades (RPGs) or anti-tank missiles.

Many countries have used or put systems of this type into operation. The most recent example is the confirmation of the modernization program for 122 Dutch CV90 armored vehicles by BAE Systems which, among other things, includes the installation of the active protection systems (APS) Iron Fist from Israel Elbit Systems. The Israeli company recently confirmed the numbers from this program.

In particular, Elbit Systems has received an order worth $ 82 million (just over 65 million euros at the current exchange rate) from BAE Systems Hgglunds AB for the Bundeswehr program. In addition to the active protection system Iron Fist, Elbit Systems will deliver a new panorama viewer for the vehicle head, the Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight (COAPS). It is, in fact, the same vision system that the Tizona Tower from Navantia, Elbit Systems, and Expal offered to equip the dragon. It is a stabilized viewfinder in two axes with a modular structure, which facilitates the calculation of the exposure and the acquisition of lenses over long distances, both during the day and at night while standing or in motion.

The modernization of the CV90 includes 122 towers and 19 options, which corresponds to a value of less than 600,000 euros per tower, and that with the new panorama viewer. The contract runs for the next four and a half years.

Properties of the iron fist

The Iron Fist is the active protection system for armored vehicles developed by IMI (now part of Elbit Systems) that uses both radar and electro-optical sensors. It integrates a soft kill solution with laser interference that has proven its effectiveness against AT-7 Metis missiles. The RPS10 from RADA Electronic Systems Ltd. is used as the detection radar. of the AESA type and member of the Compact Hemisferic Radar (CHR) family. It also has an electro-optical warning system developed by Elisra, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems.

As a hard-kill solution, it has two steerable towers, each equipped with two launchers that fire stabilized projectiles that explode when the threat passes. IMI has developed versions for both heavy and light vehicles as well as for fixed locations and in the 2012 edition of Eurosatory introduced the Bright Arrow, the result of the combination of the Iron Fist with a remote-controlled weapon station, just as the steerable turret has an interfering laser like Soft kill and launcher hard kill devices along with a machine gun that can be automatically aimed at the point where the threat begins.

Elbit Systems offers the Iron Fist not only in new vehicles, but also as part of modernization programs such as the Dutch CV9035. It also has

offered as an upgrade for veteran tanks like the Magach Israel, again a modernized M60. The US Army also included it in the assessment carried out between 2009 and 2011 in the Aberdeen test area for installation in MRAP or M-ATV (MRAP Offroad) vehicles. (Jos M Navarro Garca)


What the modernized Dutch CV90 (Elbit Systems) will look like

The Iron Fist (Elbit Systems) hard kill launcher

The COAPS viewer (Elbit Systems)

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