Portuguese Major General Boga Ribeiro takes up his post as second head of NATO headquarters in Bétera-Noticias

Divisional General Joao Pedro Boga de Oliveira Ribeiro has been appointed deputy chief of NATO’s Rapid Deployment Headquarters (HQ NRD-ESP), a position that Portugal acquired in a simple act at the military base after his predecessor General Viegas retired from his post from Btera (Valencia).

The event was chaired by Lieutenant General Fernando Garca-Vaquero Pradal, Head of NRDC-ESP Headquarters. It was carried out taking into account the protective measures against COVID and representatives of the twelve allied nations previously present at the NRDC-ESP headquarters.

During the ceremony, Lieutenant General Garca-Vaquero welcomed General Boga and his family to Valencia and highlighted his great military career. He underlined the experience of General Boga in various destinations such as the war school of the Portuguese army, the command of the affiliated mechanized brigade The Btera barracks or the head of the European Union Mission in Mali will be the headquarters in its certification as the headquarters of the army corps in high-intensity combat operations (Warfighting Corps) will be of great help in the NATO exercise Steadfast Leda 2021 in November and during the alarm year 2022.

The event consisted of an honorary company made up of employees from the Headquarters Support Battalion and the Military Police Battalion, the donor and the military music unit.

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