Planning in uncertainty notes

In the middle, given the surprise explosion that broke out COVID-19 a year ago in February 2020, in which the vast majority of the population denied today due to disbelief and misinformation amid a string of infections that remain dramatic In the third wave, among other things, we have to positively rate the proven ability to resilience and plan despite the rough seas in which we sail.

We have learned to plan in the midst of uncertainty, to reschedule what has been planned, to improvise in a scenario of constant change that will last for many months. The long and sometimes bumpy global vaccination process has already begun.

The unprecedented challenge of the pandemic was added to meteorology in this newly released year, creating chaos scenarios that have not been seen in much of Spain for decades. The armed forces came back to the fore in helping the people, making the Ministry a key element of the country’s running for Margarita Robles. The modernization of military capabilities is ongoing and the development of the major defense programs already approved is progressing even more slowly than expected and others are expected to do so later in the year for years there has been an imperative need, such as the equipment of the Air Force with MRTT transporters (Multi Role Tanker Transport) and refueling aircraft during the flight, which should come about in the second half of this year, given the agreements between the government and Airbus in the relevant contracts.

The suspension of the retirement of the F-18s with a commitment to strengthen the current Eurofigther fleet is another pending issue with an imminent expiration date. The firm entry of Spain into the New Generation Weapons System (NGWS) project under the new Air Combat System (FCAS) gives Spain a leading position in European defense policy and encourages a national industry that had to concentrate its goals in the aviation sector in the face of the collapse of commercial air traffic, whose recovery and return to prepandemic conditions will take years before the military arrives.

The defense industry sector remains strong in Spain as part of the need to prepare the armed forces review. In the investment chapter of the defense budget for 2021, the loans under its dispute amount to 3,090 million euros, 32.8 percent of the total budget of the ministry, with a focus on the special modernization plans, the allocation of which will be increased by 177.1 million euros. 8.2 percent compared to 2020. In the chapter dedicated to overseas operations, loans will also be increased. Spain is sticking to its commitments from the previous year and is using its Eurofighter in Europe for the first time. Romanian, in the NATO mission of the reinforced air force in the black sea area.

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