Patrulla Aspa: This is the result of long days of training

In all cultures and traditions there is a natural attachment to certain elements or moments that help them identify and that the members of this social core feel as their own. Most of these emotional anchors are ancient and part of a cultural tradition, but sometimes a relevant event becomes part of a people’s heritage. And so it happened to the Aspa Patrol in Granada.

Established in 2003, it has five EC-120B Colibr helicopters belonging to the 782 squadron of the 78th Wing of the Air Force. The ten pilots that make up it are instructors of the 78th wing, and technical support personnel are also part of that Air Force unit. These men and women do their jobs at Armilla Air Base and volunteer on patrol.

Since making its public debut in Seville in 2004, the Aspa Patrol has participated in aerial exhibitions across Spain and Europe. Portugal, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom or Poland, among others, were the countries in which they developed their exercise, always with the same aim of making known the high level of preparation and excellence found in the units of the Army of the Army The United States was scored air and generally in the armed forces. In addition, like the entire 78 wing, it maintains a special relationship with the city of Granada participating in military, cultural, religious or sporting events, which has made it a source of pride for the city. (Ivn Bentez, @ ibeca73)

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