Paratroopers and mountain troops train together in the Pyrenees Noticias

As part of the INTECAP IV / 21 exercise, the armed forces of the “America” ​​regiment were trained together in the Pyrenees. No. 66 and the brigade? Almogávares? VI Paratroopers (BRIPAC). Between January 25 and 29, a division of the BRIPAC Advanced Reconnaissance Company (CRAV) conducted one of their mountain combat practices over the winter. In order to achieve the training, did they deal with mountain hunters ?? America ?? No. 66, in a scenario as demanding as the Pyrenees region near Jaca (Huesca), the INTECAP IV / 21 exercise was also carried out in one of the coldest January months Spain had in recent years.

The members of this company from ?? Black Berets ?? (which characterize the BRIPAC personnel) follows a training plan that comes close in several ways to that of the special units. Therefore, preparation includes operation in mountain areas and in extremely cold climates. Some of its members follow the demanding mountain course taught at the Military School for Mountain and Special Operations (EMMOE).

The training of the CRAV with the mountain troops goes back a long way, although this is the first time since the recent restructuring of this force into the so-called mountain troop command, which integrates two regiments of fighter, the “America”. No. 66 with its seat in Aizoáin-Berrioplano (Comunidad Foral de Navarra); and the ?? Galicia ?? No. 64 based in Jaca.

After the last reorganization of the army, both BRIPAC and the Mountain Troop Command are part of the San Martin Division as well as the Special Operations Command (MOE), the ET Airmobile Forces (FAMET) and the Information Operations Regiment No. 1.

This department is configured as the ET Rapid Intervention Force, and although its various units have long worked together, this activity is growing rapidly on the orders of General González Díez (Julio Maíz Sanz).

The San Marcial Division

The San Marcial Division consists of a number of specialized units that are under a single command, organized, equipped and prepared to form operational organizations that can be integrated into fundamentally common and combined structures whose main task is the preparation of their units as well as the Generation of the necessary forces.

These tasks are realized in training missions with the following ambitions: The Space Operations Command (MOE) can generate a Command and Control Body (C2) as well as a Special Operations Force (SOTG) and a SOATU. RW (Special Operations Helicopter Unit); the Mountain Troop Command (MTM) a Mountain Tactical Group (GT) in addition to an Air Assault (AA) element; BRI VI PAC: trains and generates a GT Paratrooper (PAC) with air assault capacity and division resources; The Airmobile Forces of the Army (FAMET) will concentrate their capacities on the training of the divisional units as well as the Information Operations Regiment No. 1 (ROI 1).

To accomplish these tasks, the San Marcial Division started developing Capacity Integration Exercises (INTECAP) at the Tactical Subgroup (S / GT) level among all units of the Division as early as 2021, with the aim of achieving integration at the Tactical level this year Group (GT) and concluding 2021 with an Air Assault Tactical Grouping Exercise (AGT) in which all divisional units integrate their skills.

With the new organization of the ET, the San Marcial Division is making a fundamental change in the way it carries out its duties and is therefore adapting rapidly to ensure that all units in the division, including its headquarters, adhere to the principles of the Flexibility to respond. , quick action and first input. This will force them to achieve high levels of preparation and availability of their units. This is a key element in the Contribution of Immediate Intervention Capacities to Common Scope (JEMAD), forcing them to maintain a constant vocation to integrate first their own division capabilities and eventually with the capabilities of other national and allied armies (combined and multinational vocation).

The key word defining the new division is “synergy” and with this aim it will be with similar units of other armies of allied countries as well as with the navy and the air force on a national common level according to the structures of the defense staff. Also operational synergies between the units that make up the division itself. As already mentioned, this requires a flexible, open mindset that is able to anticipate the situation and always pay attention to new forms of employment in immediate intervention units.

Training this adaptability will be one of the challenges for the entire division as its units are called upon from the start to intervene in the gray area of ​​the conflict. The preparatory activities must encourage the initiative of the heads of operational structures at all levels, as well as open thinking, including constant adaptation to technological change and employment practices.

Photo: One of the CRAV members (as indicated by the hull and the dry paint of the HK) during exercise INTECAP IV / 21. (Photo by the Spanish Army)

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