Opening or Injury Systems for the European Special Operations Corps Noticias

Many of the devices used to open doors are of North American origin and have been widely used in international U.S. military operations. Hence, their use has become popular. However, we are talking about scenarios like Afghanistan or Iraq, countries where the building quality is poor and cannot be compared to that of the First World countries. Many military and police units acquired these funds and subsequently verified that their effectiveness was limited if they were not null in European doors or enclosures. They are also ineffective when operated in countries whose building quality standards are improving.

We recently analyzed the non-explosive Kinetic Breaching Tool (KBT) injury or opening system as an example of a system for military and police forces intervening in operations that require entry through self-armored doors. The market for this type of system is, as we say, full of products of American origin, but they do not always cater to the needs of other users as they are designed according to the requirements of their special forces and police. These are clad with wooden structures and chipboard instead of brick and concrete walls with metal structures, using equipment developed in addition to their types of locks, frames or doors.

These differences are not limited to the technical aspect of the lens itself, but also to the operational aspects. Homes with a dozen security gates cannot face rams, nor can they be carried on the shoulder for days until they are ready to be used.

Products adapted to European needs

Manufacturers working to meet these requirements include Swedish Entry Tools (SET), which has designed and manufactured opening and access tools, including hydraulic devices, for most tactical intervention units in Europe and also for US units.

Among the tools in its catalog, it is worth mentioning the Light Breaching Kit, which offers the possibility of handling security gates with guarantees without having to carry heavy, specific backpacks or performing multiple operations to open tasks with tools that require two people to operate are . SET also designs and manufactures mobile and fixed and modular opening training structures in order to be able to transport this training capacity wherever it is needed for certain exercises. ACK3, a Spanish security, defense and intelligence consultancy, is a partner of SET and has tools and training structures to conduct demonstrations in Spain. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The Light Breaching Kit (SET)

The SP4 Compact Breaching Kit (SET)

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