Modernization of CV90 combat vehicles of the Royal Netherlands Army-Noticias

As part of the CV90 battle armor modernization process, the Netherlands will invest $ 82 million in the purchase of electro-optical vision systems and active protective equipment. The purchase through BAE Systems Hgglunds AB is intended to equip armored equipment of the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA).

It will install Advanced Protection System (APS) iron fist gear, detectors that detect the presence of a projectile aimed at its position, and interceptors that are fired to destroy it in the air and in flight. It includes optical sensors, radars, launch vehicles and countermeasures ammunition.

In addition, the CV90s receive COAPS (Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight) visors, which provide panoramic visors and make it easier for the driver to make decisions. It is a modular stabilized biaxial sight with which day and night targets can be easily seen from a great distance. This happens both in motion and in a stationary position. Elbit Systems has established itself as a manufacturer of particularly innovative technologies to ensure the efficiency and self-protection of various combat platforms.

The Dutch armed forces recently completed various acquisitions with the Israeli company Elbit Systems. Its sales of nearly $ 200 million include devices such as tactical computers, combatant digitization systems, XACT night vision devices, and others. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The Dutch Army’s CV90 combat armor is being extensively modernized.

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