Military personnel prepare for civil-military interaction in international operations in Quart de Poblet – noticias

As in previous years, the Information Operation Regiment No. 1 in the San Juan de Ribera barracks in Valencia served as a reference unit for the preparation of the necessary capacities to carry out activities of personal interaction, communication and civil-military cooperation with authorities and civilians organize one of their main exercises annually , Rubielos Integral 21, which instructs members of the armed forces who carry out these tasks in their original units.

Due to the current serious situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, and in particular in the province of Valencia, and with the precaution not to endanger the population of the region who usually work with and participate in the regiment, the Rubielos Integral 21 exercise conducted The Information Operations Group I / 1 will take place from February 15th to 19th this year only at the facilities of the Juan Carlos I Military Sports Club in Quart de Poblet. In this exercise, collaboration, liaison and communication activities are carried out. For communication activities, we work together with the Cardenal Herrera University Studies Center, which will take part in this training as in previous years.

Years of experience in international operations by our army have shown that the actions of our troops have a direct influence on the opinion that the civilian population can educate about us. As a logical reaction, this opinion could also have a direct impact on the development of military actions. It is therefore important to train personnel from all units and armies as it is the ones who have direct contact with the authorities and the people of the areas where our troops are stationed. You are responsible for collecting and evaluating these opinions and suggesting the necessary activities. to generate favorable feelings in the population and thus to create a suitable climate for the fulfillment of the mission.

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